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Ponemos a vuestra disposición un número de cuenta para que todos los que lo queráis podáis realizar una aportación para que nuestra querida ermita de Eunate continúe abierta durante el 2017.
Desde aquí os agradecemos vuestra ayuda más que nunca para intentar que nadie que visite nuestra querida Eunate la encuentre cerrada.

Dear Friends

We feel tremendously honoured and grateful as we are able to tell you that Eunate’s Saint Mary is the best valued and most visited monument in Navarra this year.

From here we would like to thank you all for making it possible.

Not many people know that the property and its responsibility lies with a small town called Muruzábal. A village that has less than 400 inhabitants and has eluded maintenance difficulties from time immemorial.

An example of this is how inhabitants have taken care of the temple even during the civil war, when in our town there were only famine and desolation, our grandparents would go to Eunate after a hard work day in the field to whiten the interior using lime. Such a hard work later admired by archaeologists. This habit was acquired during the plague and remained until 1941 with the purpose of sanitizing the temple.

Nowadays, Eunate is gaining in popularity and visits, for our pride. However, Muruzábal lacks the necessary resources to keep maintaining it. We cannot continue opening the church with voluntary workers. Personnel is needed, as well to cover the high maintenance costs, so that every one can keep visiting it without losing our essence which is: to see Eunate and its virgin or to know its history one has not to pay.

Beauty, faith and knowledge have no price.

To all of you that feel identified and supportive with this cause we provide you an account number where you can make a voluntary deposit, without any obligation, the quantity you can provide.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this matter.

Nº CUENTA: ES59 3008 0014 2227 1292 8718